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Cocotier Band came into existence 11 years ago in Zabrze, Poland and now consists of three musicians: Andrzej Krośniak (guitar) , Arkadiusz Dec ( guitar ), Mateusz Gremlowski (bass).

One of the most recognized buskers’ bands in Poland, Cocotier presents a unique mélange of folk, flamenco, jazz and Latino music, original compositions that express the musical sensibility of every musician in the band. Such mixture of individual experiences and genres results in a fresh and inspiring thought in today’s musical productions, enhanced by the band’s advanced technical standards, which altogether has laid the foundations of Cocotier’s success in their home country and abroad. The band has performed at various buskers’ festivals in Europe such as Wroclaw, Gdansk, Bern, Linz, Ferrara, Novara and Colmurano.

The name of the group COCOTIER means coconut tree in direct translation, in other word,s You can say that everyone is crazy about something – if You think about band’s members it is just music. Probably you have your own, haven’t you..:)?